Aniebiet Udofia Message Nigerian Govt. In A Poem ”Let Us Die Abroad”

Aniebiet Udofia Message Nigerian Govt. In A Poem ''Let Us Die Abroad'' - Surge Zirc SA
A mix photo of Aniebiet Udofia and xenophobic attack and looting of foreigners businesses / Image credit: Twitter

Following the xenophobic attack on Nigerians and their businesses in South Africa by South Africans, a Nigerian writer and movie producer Aniebiet Udofia has captured Nigeria’s predicament, which led to most Nigerians absconding form home and facing all sort of inhuman treatments in diaspora in a poem titled: ”Let Us Die Abroad” Sorrowful!!

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And I ask
What is the difference between street graves in Nigeria and Abroad?
When those living abroad sees home as death trap, why won’t they feel relaxed in diaspora?
What is inviting back home ?
Is it to come back and get kidnapped
Or have your heads cut off by the Fulanis
No let us die abroad..

A once Giant of Africa
Now is African Golgotha
Who can wipe off the shame
A country whose trillions are in few hands
A country where leaders drives pass a woman giving birth under the bridge
With tinted glasses bullet proof doors..
No let us die abroad..

Why won’t they kill us abroad
When the world already knows we are cannibals..
Who can fight for us
When money and luxuries have turned our lions into Rabbits..
No let us die abroad..

South African Government warned
Enough of Foreign Nationals
It’s their territory
They want to be organized
You want to break MTN cards or stop their business processes in Nigeria
Listen to me
They are ready..
Just leave our country
How do we go back to where we never invested in
No let us die abroad

Put the sentiments away
Know that the world is changing
If you live abroad and have no investment in Nigeria
Start now
Time is far gone and spent
Donald Trump is getting set
They want their cities for their generations
Nigeria is ours
Instead of making it our heaven
No Let us die abroad..

Shame on Nigerian Government
My happiness is the whole world have seen your nakedness
You spend Billions of dollars in Nigeria for political campaigns
You spend trillions to sponsor terrorism
Yet your citizens are burnt, Stoned, hanged to death in foreign countries..
You sit down to watch their bones scattered on the streets abroad with a bottle of wine..
No sir the billions of dollars you heap in your account cannot boost the Nigerian markets
It cannot develop the country
No Sir, let us die abroad..

The blood of Nigerians will be on your heads
Yes, you who has the Nigerian growth and development in your private account..
You take Nigeria to be your village, and Dubai, UK, USA your towns..
Sir I’m sure that even you can not fly to South Africa at the moment for fear of Nigerians, not even south Africans.. It means that
Some day
Even you
Will die abroad

My fellow Nigerians, let us rise up and think..
Do not live abroad and forget where you come from..
You must be part of the vocals
There is a lonely place
Your root is right here..
Let us die where our Corpses can gain justice

Let us NOT die abroad. Lets make Nigeria our home.

Written by: Aniebiet Udofia

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