Anele Mdoda Reveals She Has Been Losing Gigs Because Of Her Weight

"I have never been bodyshammed to my face because of my weight but i know there are gigs that i haven't gotten because of the way i look." 

Anele Mdoda Reveals She Has Been Losing Gigs Because Of Her Weight-SurgeZirc SA
Anele Mdoda

Anele Mdoda has come to say she has been losing quite some gigs just because of her weight gain. The 947 radio host is popularly known around the world because of her long history of hosting major events. Anele has hosted the red carpet for many events including the Oscars with some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities.

Mdoda has also hosted major events locally including her recent gig at the 2021 Miss South Africa pageant. Although she is proud to be a curvy woman, it’s no secret that Anele has been body-shamed on social media by bullies, and apparently in the industry too. In a recent interview with MacG on his celebrity edition podcast, Anele Mdoda had viewers in stitches speaking about her upbringing.

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Anele also gave the Chiller’s a deeper understanding of her career moves and the disadvantages that come with being a plus-sized woman in the industry. According to Anele, there’s no doubt that she has been denied opportunities on TV that she deserved because of her weight gain. She had this to say:

“I have never been body shammed to my face because of my weight but I know there are gigs that I haven’t gotten because of the way I look.”

The TV personality shared that the industry is a very shallow minded place, where productions worry about achieving a certain look rather than getting a person who can get the job done. Mdoda added that in the industry, people tend to project their insecurities on other’s and assume plus sized celebs won’t feel comfortable amongst slender people.

Anele added plus sized women such as herself, Celeste Khumalo and Tumi Morake have been phased with questions of “who will dress her” and they have to just grin and bear it. Anele made an example of a show she once hosted where

“I remember a show I did where they were just like we can’t put Anele in short things, it just won’t look nice but other people were in short things,” Anele said.

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On the contrary, Anele thinks that this is the reason she has worked extra hard in the industry just to prove that she is more than just her weight and looks.

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