Max Lifestyle Village’s Owner Max Mqadi Shot By Unknown Gunmen (Photos)

Mr. Max Mqadi was almost shot in the head but was saved by his Iphone 12 as the bullet could not penetrate it. He was on his phone at that moment.

Max mqadi shot by unknown gunmen
Max Mqadi/Image: Getty Images

Reports reaching SurgeZirc SA that the founder and owner of Max Lifestyle Village, Mr Max Mqadi has been shot at close range by unknown gunmen as he was leaving the restaurant last night, luckily he survived the attempt and has been rushed to the hospital.

An official statement released by his management statement states he was leaving the restaurant at Umlazi when he was flagged off and shot by the men.

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The men were said to have fled the scene immediately in their getaway vehicle as staff and customers hid as they heard the gunshot. Max Mqadi was able to still drive himself to Florida road.

Read the official statement below:

Official statement of Max Mqadi being shot by unknown gunmen
His management released a statement of Max getting shot by Unknown Gunmen/ Image: Twitter

Exclusive Reports reaching SurgeZirc SA indicated that Mr Max Mqadi was almost shot in the head but was saved by his iPhone 12 as the bullet could not penetrate it. He was on his phone at that moment.

Maq Mqadi was saved by Iphone 12
Max Mqadi was saved by iPhone 12 /Image: Twitter
Max mqadi was saved by Iphone12
His Iphone12 protected him from being shot in the head

According to police, Max Mqadi (51) was attacked by unknown gunmen after leaving his business premises in Umlazi, Durban. “He sustained two gunshot wounds, however, he was able to drive to Florida Road where he sought assistance. He was taken to a local hospital where he is reported to be in a stable condition.”

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Max is a businessman and he is best known as the owner of Max Lifestyle. He is 51 years old now. He completed his education from the primary school & college of Africa. The businessman is married now and he has a daughter.

Celebrities and fans have taken to their social media pages to wish Max a quick recovery and congratulated him for surviving the ugly incident.

Graphic image of Max's car/Image: Twitter
Graphic image of Max’s vehicle interior/ Twitter

As of the time of filing these reports, the police are still investigating the matter and no suspect has been announced or determine yet.

We wish him a speedy recovery!

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1 month ago

This needs to stop. Geweld oral. ons moet ophou om onsself dood te maak.