REVEALED: SAMRO Paid Emtee R30 And DJ Kaybee R100 As Royalties

Over the years, artist royalties has been shrinking up and becoming so little as time goes by

Emtee and DJ kaybee laments SAMRO payment
Emtee and DJ Kaybee Laments SAMRO payment

DJ Prince Kaybee and Emtee sparked a lot of controversies about the supposed depreciation of the worth of the royalties artists received from the Samro.

Some of Mzansi’s favourite musicians have revealed how much they recently were paid out by Samro which when compared to how well their records sold for, the royalties are abnormally low.

SAMRO’s primary role is to administer performing rights on behalf of popular music artists, they do this by licensing music users (such as television and radio broadcasters, live music venues, retailers, restaurants, promoters and shopping centres), by collecting licencing fees which are then distributed as royalties.

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Over the years, artist royalties has been shrinking and becoming so little as time goes by.

“Does Samro still pay you guys?, lol I got R100 just now,” Prince Kaybee asked.

Rapper Emtee reacted to Prince Kaybee’s Twitter post, revealing that he received R30 from Samro. “Just got 3 tigers (R30),” he wrote.

Ntsiki Mazwai took to her timeline weighing in on the conversation, saying she was grateful to at least receive something from the company but alluded to Samro allegedly misusing royalties

“At least I know I’m expecting Samro income … All R50 of it, but yes, everyone who works at Samro gets a monthly salary from our work. Interesting neh,” she wrote.

Shedding light on the artists’ reports, Samro’s representative Manqoba Kubheka explained that the seemingly “sudden drop” in the royalties was just a specific distribution.

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“The distribution was a part of the foreign distribution, which means it’s a distribution of royalties received from foreign societies (other organisations like Samro), which constituted only three territories, and the distribution was made based on music usage in those countries, hence the nominal figures received by some of the big acts.”

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