AKA Explodes Over Nellie Tembe’s Death: “It’s Nobody’s Business”

"Speak to us about the experience," said Thando, then AKA said he doesn't want to. "Is it something that you are never gonna answer?" asked Thando.

AKA Explodes Over Nellie Tembe's Death: "It’s Nobody’s Business"-SurgeZirc SA
AKA And Nelli Tembe/Photo File: SurgeZirc Media

Since the passing of his fianceé, Anele Tembe on 11 April, AKA has only had one interview to discuss details surrounding the young lady’s death and a good number of South Africans felt like he actually said “nothing”.

And now Kiernan has moved on with his life, he’s even gone back to making music. Ler’s put it to you that his fans are very excited as he has released an album with Costa Titch. Going on a media run to promote his new album AKA was interviewed by Thando Thabethe. The word awkward can’t begin to describe the question the 94.7 presenter slapped him with.

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The actress and presenter said that they “had to” speak about the “elephant in the room” being AKA’s sit-down interview with Newzroom Afrika anchor Thembekile Mrototo. “A lot of people felt like you said nothing in the interview,” she said. She  went on to ask AKA if he felt a need to say anything about “the incident.”

Hmmm, AKA replied: “You wanna call it an incident? This is my life. To you it’s an incident.” Well, Thando didn’t get a hint that the Fela In Versace hitmaker wasn’t comfortable she went on discussing the tragic incident.

“Speak to us about the experience,” said Thando, then AKA said he doesn’t want to. “Is it something that you are never gonna answer?” asked Thando.

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“It’s nobody’s business but my own. It is something that I am living with in my life, it’s none of your business,” he said. She felt that she had cornered him and there was a bit of tension in the studio they then went straight on break but before that she gave him a middle finger then a high five just to clear the air.

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