Babes Wodumo Hits Back At Mampintsha’s Mom: “Mother Of Rotten Kids”

At this point, we were all sympathising with the news makoti and some of her fans even supported her to take her to court. The next minute there goes Babes Wodumo with some of her friends making fun of Mampintsha's mom.

Babes Wodumo Hits Back Mampintsha's Mom: "Mother Of Rotten Kids"-SurgeZirc SA
Babes Wodumo And Mampintsha’s Mom/Photo File: SurgeZirc SA

Drama galore!!! Just when we thought Babes Wodumo has become matured after she vowed to fight her mother-in-law in court then she pulls an unbelievable stunt. Sis went to record a video of herself dragging her mother-in-law and calling her names.

Just a few hours ago the singer made a statement saying she was laying charges against Mampinthsa’s mom (Zama Gumede) as it wasn’t the first time she insulted her. The Wololo hitmaker went on to confirm that she’s pregnant.

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This comes after Zama accused Babes of pretending to be pregnant with twins. She went as far as saying Babes put foam on her stomach. “Maybe she is going to give birth to a cat,” she said.

Babes Wodumo said she wasn’t letting it slide as she has dragged her name in the mud. “I am pregnant, whether she likes it or not. If she has problems with it, she must deal with it. I am hurt about this. I know most of the things she says when she is drunk should not be taken seriously, but this time she has gone too far. I am going to press charges against her. I want her to clear my name,” said Babes Wodumo.

The singer also went on to say that her husband’s mother tried to disrupt her wedding but did not succeed. “She arrived for the wedding drunk and made demands. I don’t know what this woman wants because she did not raise Mampintsha. Mampintsha was raised by his grandmother. I don’t know why she is dragging me into their family politics.

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“It was not my responsibility to tell her anything about the wedding preparations. I am hurt by this, but I am not going to let this go. I want to show her that I am from Lamontville, I am going to get her arrested,” she said.

“This was due to the fact that I love and respect my husband for who he is regardless of the hurtful and toxic words his mother had said about our relationship,” said Babes Wodumo.

“She was informed about the wedding beforehand. I did all I was obliged to do as a wife with regards to her as my husband’s mother because I wanted the wedding to bring the two families together,” she added.

At this point, we were all sympathising with the new makoti and some of her fans even supported her to take Zama to court. The next minute, there goes Babes Wodumo with some of her friends making fun of Mampintsha’s mom.

In the video which she jokingly directed to her mother-in-law, Babes called her MakaSibozi, loosely translated, mother of the rotten substance, her friends then laughed and called the singer MakaKati (Cat’s mom).


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