Watch| Mampintsha’s Mom Insults Babes Wodumo “She’s A Bitch, Satan Who Always Fakes Pregnancy”

"Even Showmax played us as they are being controlled by Babes, we didn't receive any money from them. She can't even fall pregnant,

Babes Wodumo and Mampintsha have been officially married for just two days but the drama from their families is enough to last them a lifetime. The juiciest part is that Mampintsha’s mom who is fed up, is stopping at nothing and she’s airing all the dirty laundry on Babes Wodumo and her family, this comes after she wasn’t properly invited to the traditional wedding.

Mampintsha’s mom recorded herself saying that she’s publicly admitting that she disapproves of Mampintsha marrying the poverty-stricken Babes Wodumo. Shockingly it was revealed that Babes Wodumo’s daddy whom we all thought was a pastor is actually a thug.

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In the video, Mrs Maphumalo can be heard saying: “I would like to know how is it possible for the two of you to get married without me. Who attended your wedding (umembeso) and who are the people that you exchanged gifts with as I don’t know them.

“Even Showmax played us as they are being controlled by Babes, we didn’t receive any money from them. She can’t even fall pregnant, let her give birth… isn’t it that she fakes her pregnancy and uses a sponge as her tummy. She’s been promising us twins but nothing has happened.

“Her father is a thief who went to collect local people and pretended they were family so they can get gifts for Umembeso ceremony. May God protect my Mandla from these satans… how can you say you a born again Christian and get married into a non-Christian family?”

“I am the one who feeds Mandla but I wasn’t introduced to the family… are they deleting me after I carried him for nine months.”

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The furious lady didn’t stop there she went on to say that no one bought her an outfit for the wedding so she went there wearing beach slippers. “I wore slippers on purposes as they fetched me on the wedding day at 11 am to go get an outfit. She’s a bitch, a rubbish who might even give birth to a cat. They’re poor they don’t have a house and her parents are rotten.

“I am saying this in public I don’t need the wife Mandla chose.” She then concluded by calling out Babes Wodumo’s father for being a thug.

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