“She’s Disrespectful” RHOD Viewers Unimpressed By Ayanda Ncwane’s Diva Tendencies

Then she left viewers really unimpressed after she pretended that she didn't get the memo just to steal everyone's shine at an event.

"She's Disrespectful" RHOD Viewers Not Impressed With Ayanda Ncwane Showing Up In White During An All Black Event-SurgeZirc SA
Ayanda Ncwane/Photo File: Instagram

Ayanda Ncwane started the Real House Wives Of Durban show really well and almost all the viewers admired her and thought she had class up until now. At first, viewers really got tired and started complaining about how she’s always overdressed as if every day is Durban July for her.

Then she left viewers really unimpressed after she pretended that she didn’t get the memo just to steal everyone’s shine at an event. This week’s episode broadcasted the ladies having an all-black themed event, the ladies all abided with the memo and looked stunning in their black outfits but Ayanda…

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She decided to wear a white outfit, like WTF. She did outshine everyone including the host of the event but had to be called out for her unjustifiable actions. Check out the reactions below:

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