TALKS | “My Daughter’s Boyfriend Abuses Her & Myself, And Has Refuse To Let Her Go”

I'm not sure if they've taken some sort of blood oath or not, but I can tell that all is not well with them, and there must be something beyond the normal that's involved in what they're doing.

TALKS | "My Daughter's Boyfriend Abuses Her & Myself, Refuses To Let Her Go"
TALKS | “My Daughter’s Boyfriend Abuses Her & Myself, Refuses To Let Her Go” / Photo file: TALKS

My name is Vuyiswa, and I reside in Gauteng with my daughter and only son. My daughter is currently 21 and has been dating a guy that’s is now 34 since she was 13. When I learnt of their so-called relationship at the time, I fought seriously to dissolve it but to no avail.

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I even hired people that I presented to the guy as my daughter’s uncles, unfortunately, none of the guys was tough enough to help me drag my daughter out of the monster who continued dating and beating up my child knowing I’m only a woman and wouldn’t be able to engage him in a physical fight.

This monster has also beaten me three different times when I went to take my daughter from him after a serious abuse. Unfortunately, the South African police system hasn’t been able to help me after reporting severally. They’ve also issues restraining order at one point but couldn’t do the follow up to enforce it until she got to 18, and they claim she’s old enough to decide for herself even when it’s obvious she’s heading for distruction.

The 8-years relationship between my daughter and this guy has taken sleep away from my eyes and left me in total agony as most times my daughter steals my money to feed him. Too many times he’d ask her to get my banking card and they would empty my account to pay his rent and buy groceries as the boy is not working currently, but claims to be a musician, but has no songto his credit.

Taking my money is not just the damage that I’ve received from this boy dating my daughter, the worst is my daughter having to drop out of school; she does not have ordinary ‘Matric.’ With that, I currently see NO future for my child.

I have cried, prayed, and fasted for God to help me separate the two of them all to no avail. Severally, after fighting my daughter would promise me she will never see him again, but a few hours later, the boy will come pacing around our compound and sending text messages, next, you’ll see them together again. My daughter has also started abusing drugs.

I’m not sure if they’ve taken some sort of blood oath or not, but I can tell that all is not well with them, and there must be something beyond the normal that’s involved in what they’re doing. But I fear this boy could kill my daughter one day, as boyfriends killing their girlfriend is fast becoming a norm in South Africa.

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I refuse to believe that this is love. Please, Lebohang, help me sort for opinions on how I can go about separating my daughter from this monster who have no respect for the mother of the girl he’s dating and abusing.

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4 months ago

I know how painful this can be, unfortunately, the boy may have to die before absolute freedom can come to that girl and her family. These boys hypnotize girls…

Last edited 4 months ago by SibekoMyakayaka
Jabu Khoza
Jabu Khoza
4 months ago

Unfortunately our country has a very disappointing law. I don’t see how you get out of this mess if not to pray that God comes to your aid.