INTRODUCING | “Talks” With Lebohang Radebe – SurgeZirc SA LifeStyle Editor

INTRODUCING | "Talks" With Lebohang Radebe - SurgeZirc SA LifeStyle Editor - SurgeZirc SA
INTRODUCING | “Talks” With Lebohang Radebe – SurgeZirc SA LifeStyle Editor

INTRODUCING – “Talks” with Lebohang Radebe, (SurgeZirc SA LifeStyle Editor) is a new show that we’re launching to give the opportunity to those who have stories to tell but rarely have anyone to listen. Our esteem readers will after carefully reading every published story drop advice as a comment under each article.

Lebohang Radebe who has been meticulously tapped to anchor “Talks” will publish received entries Mondays and Fridays under SurgeZirc Lifestyle category and would appeal to readers to drop their advice as a comment below the article after reading. The sender of the story will have the privilege of getting meaningful advice and suggestions that could better the situation.

Readers are encouraged to drop their advice/comment under stories that are being discussed to make it easier for suggestions to be harnessed. Advice and suggestions dropped on our social media pages will not be collected and will not count.

How to submit your story.

Stories will be submitted to “Talks” in various ways. You can submit via email to [email protected] or send it as a direct message (DM) on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

People who prefer their identity to be hidden must indicate so, while those who do not mind are encouraged to submit stories with their names and any other information that may be useful to those who may want to render assistant to them.

What kind of story will be published on “Talks”?

We welcome varieties of stories so long as they are captivating enough and require advice from the public. It could be a domestic issue, tough conditions at the workplace, and relationship related.

How do I drop advice on “Talks”?

The aim of this program is to help the helpless, give a voice to the voiceless and assist the unassisted. That said, we appeal that everyone dropping advice as a comment to do so only when they’re sure of what they’re advising people to do and be very responsible about it as people’s lives and future will be involved.

The show will take down abusive comments, but will not restrict free speech. That is to say, stories that require a person to be criticized for their action will sustain such criticism, but anyone criticising must end the comment with a possible solution to the problem.

Doing so will allow us to chastise and correct, not chastize and ditch.

When will the show debut?

“Talks” with Lebohang Radebe will debut Friday, March 12, 8:am, and airs regularly on Mondays and Fridays at 12 pm South African time, only on SurgeZirc SA.

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