Sfiso Ncwane Reunites With His Daughter After Death

Years later, Ayanda and Nonku have come together to reconcile the late singer with his daughter.

Sfiso Ncwane Reunites With His Daughter After Death-SurgeZirc SA
Sfiso Ncwane And Daughter Nothile/Photo File: SurgeZirc Media

Reality show smash hit Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD) has brought us so many memories of the late gospel star Sfiso Ncwane. To a lot of his fans they felt like they didn’t know him at all as his widow, Ayanda Ncwame and baby mama, Nonku Williams are both starring in the show and tend to make him the centre of discussion almost every time.

Formally Nonku was introduced to the cast as a friend of Ayanda but the tension was on another level. However, the two managed to reconcile their differences and she agreed to accompany Sfiso’s widow to an event hosted by Kgomotso Ndungane.

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And then more information was revealed about Nonku, her business adventures, what she has gone through in her personal life and concerns by the women she was not opening up enough. Did we mention that it was also revealed that she shares a daughter with the late singer?

Surprise, surprise, surprise… Does this mean Sfiso cheated on Ayanda? Well, not really cheated but he had an affair with another woman while he and Ayanda were on a break. The two conceived a baby girl, Nothile, but they had to however go their separate ways.

Nonku then got married and raised her child with another man. This resulted in the child not having a relationship with the Gospel star as her mom’s husband was abusive and didn’t want her to visit Sfiso.

Years later, Ayanda and Nonku have come together to reconcile the late singer with his daughter. It might be too late for the two to have a relationship but now she at least has some closure and has been able to visit a dad’s grave. It doesn’t end there she’ll also have a relationship with her half brother’s being Ayanda’s children.

Taking to Instagram Nonku thanked God that she managed to reconcile the late singer with his daughter. “God being God listened to my silent prayer and answered it. Sfiso may not be alive today but this moment right here I felt the heavens opening up its doors and proclaiming the wonders of God! All things are possible with GOD.”


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The scene of them visiting the graveyard was also shown on the show at it left many viewers in tears.

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