Simz Ngema’s Ben 10 Too Controlling For Her???

The actress is now in love with a young Zimbabwean guy who several sources had nothing good to say about.

Simz Ngema's Ben 10 Too Controlling For Her???-SurgeZirc SA
Simz Ngema And Her Ben 10/Photo File: Instagram

Simz Ngema has been waiting to find true love ever since her husband Dumi Masilela passed away and honestly sis ain’t getting it. She dived into a new relationship and forgot to set boundaries…

The actress is now in love with a young Zimbabwean guy who several sources had nothing good to say about. Apparently, he doesn’t use his eyes to see rich widows, he goes after them so he can make a living.

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The 26-year-old gentle has been trying out modelling but unfortunately, the industry is not treating him well hence he quickly pounced on Simz. Sadly our beautiful and lovely lady has already given him a baby and now she respects him as he’s her husband already.

A few days ago the former Isidingo actress posted about her weight, she explained to her fans that she’s hit the gym just to shed a few kilos. She then added that everyone should be ready for her as she’ll be serving her fans with sultry pics.

Surprisingly she wrote it all in IsiZulu, she then explained that she used her mother tongue so she can confuse her ben 10 (he doesn’t understand the language), like really… what does her body have to do with him? Just by giving her a baby then he feels like he has control over her… WOW!

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Let’s shock you, even more, she posted a video of herself swimming and was she raised her booty he quickly used his hands to push it down. Simz captioned the video as: “I was trying to show y’all my booty but he wouldn’t let me.” Yohhh, cleary she forgot to set boundaries for him despite the fact that she’s the only one financially taking care of their child and did we mention that she’s also taking care of him?

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