Envious Lunga Shabalala Labels Thando Thabethe’s Relationship “Nonsense”

Thando and her new lover broke up at a point and the rumour mill had it that Lunga Shabalala celebrated the breakup.

Thando Thabethe, Jaji And Lunga Shabalala/Photo File SurgeZirc Media

Eish… Chest pains are really dealing with Lunga Shabalala and he can’t even hide it. You’d recall that he and Thando Thabethe were once couple goals but now she making him drink water with a fork as she’s in a happy and healthy relationship.

If you don’t have the details on Thando and Lunga’s relationship, we’ll quickly fill you in. So in 2019, the two started dating. And in July 2019 they went on a romantic date leaving their fans drooling over the fun the had.

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Even the actress couldn’t stop talking about the romantic getaway, in fact, she called “thee most romantic dinner ever”. Unfortunately for the former The River actor someone with more ching-ching and class came and swept the actress off her feet. Knowing that she likes softline and romance Thando couldn’t resist the Nigerian businessman and said yes to him, leaving Lunga to nurse his broken heart alone.

Thando and her new lover broke up at a point and the rumour mill had it that Lunga Shabalala celebrated the breakup. It raised his hopes of getting the actress back not knowing that the Nigerian man is always one step ahead of him. He quickly went for love back while Lunga was still putting some cents together to impress her.

Don’t forget that during their romantic dinner a lot of fans suspected that it was Thando who paid for the bill as Lunga pockets are still shaky especially now that he’s no longer on The River. So you’d imagine how much time he needed to save up for another getaway.

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When SurgeZirc SA learned about the actress going back to her lover the publication wrote it. However, the actor came blazing guns saying he doesn’t want to be associated with nonsense. Hawu, since when is she nonsense?

Hayi no… Lunga must take a chill pill and work on improving his acting maybe he might last longer on Legacy.

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