Busiswa Hits SA With Cringe-worthy & Unforgivable Rap Lines In Hip Hop History

Busiswa Hits SA With Cringe-worthy & Unforgivable Rap Verse In Hip Hop History-SurgeZirc SA
Busiswa Gqulu/Photo File: Instagram

If you thought Faith Nketsi was bad, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Busiswa Gqulu’s lines are the lyrics that can turn a good album sour, and make a bad album laughable. Pity we can’t unhear or unsee the nightmare she has put us through.

The SBWL hitmaker has given us good bangers in the past and she’s considered as one of the industry’s heavyweights but after these rap lines we afraid fans can never forgive her. Her video rapping with Cassper Nyovest in the studio has since gone viral.

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And Busiswa spitting lines has simultaneously made us scratch our heads and question our entire existence in a world where lines of such wackness could exist, the earth begins to feel like it’s completely off its axis.

The worse part is that Cassper actually made a fool of the lady by lying to her, saying she was spitting fire… check her video out below:

Hey Busiswa WTF? “Nansi indlovu iyangena… pikachu” Our only question is why did they lie to her… such a heartbreak.

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