“Her Acting Is Horrible” Moshidi Bashes Larona Moagi’s Bad Acting On The River

During an interview with Drum magazine, the former "Rhythm City" star revealed her character was written off due to feud with Moagi.

"Her Acting Is Horrible" Moshidi Bashes Larona Moagi's Bad Acting On The River-SurgeZirc SA
Moshidi And Larona/Photo File: SurgeZirc Media

When The River made its debut we were all glued to our screens and some of us still are. But Larona Moagi ‘s bad acting skills didn’t go unnoticed, viewers would often take to their social to comment that the star was awful and didn’t bring life to the character of Tumi.

Little did we know that she was actually taken from Instagram to play the role. Spilling the beans was the legendary actress Moshidi Moshegwa who played the role of Malefu on the series. Moshidi had actually been honest to Larona by constantly criticising her bad acting skills.

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During an interview with Drum magazine, the former “Rhythm City” star revealed her character was written off due to feud with Moagi. According to the publication, Motshegwa also had a strained relationship with the show’s executive producer Gwydion Beynon. “I had gone to meetings with him about the scripts and Gwydion told me to stop being cruel to Larona, Motshegwa told the publication.

The seasoned actress insists her only issue with the young actress is her lack of acting skills and all she wanted was for her to get proper training. “We can’t cast people from Instagram, give them a huge role and not give the support,” said Motshegwa. “I even said the meetings (with the producers) that Larona is struggling because she’s not an actress.”

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Apparently, the off-screen drama got so bad to the point of Larona’s parents wanted to come to the Tshedza headquarters and confront Moshidi.

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