Simz Ngema To Ladies: “Post Your Man If He Leaves You’ll Find Another One To Post”

Next, it Zimbwaweans saying that Tino is just there for money, apparently, she's not first rich widow he's dating that's his lifestyle.

Simz Ngema To Ladies: "Post Your Man If He Leaves You'll Find Another One To Post"
Simz Ngema With Family/Photo File: Instagram

Simz Ngema is a woman in love! We’re happy that she finally found herself, someone, to call her own after the tragedy of her late husband. Though many say that her new bae is after fame and money but as long as she’s happy what can we say….

Last year the singer and actress revealed that she was pregnant and also introduced us to her Zimbabwean boyfriend Tino. A lot of drama surrounded their relationship, at first, it was fans who weighed into their love saying she moved on too fast.

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Next, it was Zimbwaweans saying that Tino is just there for money, apparently, she’s not first rich widow he’s dating that’s his lifestyle. He feeds from rich widows. Then the guy himself received a backlash for posting on Twitter that he never asked Simz out all he asked was sex and she fell in love with him. He went as far as posting their conversations.

However, the 31-year-old actress wasn’t shaken by the backlash she still went back to her 26-year-old lover. We’ve witnessed the two having fun together and we’ve also seen Tino spending time with Simz family. She never shies away from posting their little cute family.

Recently she posted a video of herself cuddling with bae. She then wrote: “It’s not that love doesn’t exist. Most of us have been hurt so much that we’ve stopped believing. Grateful to have someone that loves me for me.”

Don’t think that she stopped there, she had a side note for all the ladies who are sceptical on posting their men. “Side note: Posta girl! Makumosheka uzothola omunye bese naye uyamPosta. 😂kusemhlabeni la” which translates to (Post girl, if things don’t go well you’ll find another one and post hm too).

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