Bheki Cele Retracts “21:00 Bedtime Comments” As Petition To Fire Him Launched

“The Minister of Police constantly abuses his power when it comes to every activity that black people engage in

Bheki Cele Retracts 21:00 Bedtime Comments As Petition To Fire Him Launched-SurgeZirc SA
Bheki Cele/Photo File: IOL

Police Minister Bheki Cele has climbed down from comments he shared on Wednesday, where he asked South Africans to ‘be asleep by 21:00’. The bizarre request was scoffed at from all corners, leading the EFF to mount a vicious verbal attack against the ANC veteran. But for some people, the retraction has proved to be too little, too late…

While addressing the media on New Year’s Eve, Cele said that even some of his colleagues believed he went ‘too far’ by trying to add his own conditions onto the curfew laws. He admitted that ‘a lot of flack’ was directed his way in the past 24 hours, and the minister urged South Africans to ‘light a candle’ at midnight alongside the president.

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“I have received a lot of flack for saying people should be asleep by 21:00. Even my colleagues have said ‘no man’, so OK, you must rather be in your house, be at your premises by 21:00. Nobody will fine you for going to sleep later. Cyril Ramaphosa has asked people to light a candle at midnight, we should invite all South Africans to do that,” he said.

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However, on Thursday, a petition emerged on, calling for President Ramaphosa to remove Bheki Cele from his position as police minister. According to the author, the politician has ‘abused his power’ and faced ‘no consequences’.

“The Minister of Police constantly abuses his power when it comes to every activity that black people engage in. He has no regard for the rule of law, while he is in charge of the whole law enforcement entity. Bheki Cele misinterprets lockdown regulation with no regard to consequences,” Creator of the petition to fire Bheki Cele.

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Ernst Bo Nielsen
Ernst Bo Nielsen
3 months ago

Stop all crimes and killing of farmers until now you are nothing you just hang in for your salary when you are doing something you will have my respect

3 months ago

Let him be fired cause it seems as if he abuses his powers

Ray Ntiga
Ray Ntiga
3 months ago

This man behaves like a 16 year old. May be he doesn’t take time to look at his ID to know how old he is. The excitement of his powersare overwhelming him suvh he thinks he os law by himself.