Scandal’s Nozuko Ncayiyane’s Painful Secret: “I Suffered Intense Emotional And Physical Abuse”

Scandal's Nozuko Ncayiyane's Painful Secret: "I Suffered Intense Emotional And Physical Abuse"
Nozuko Ncayiyane/Photo File: Instagram

Nozuko Ncayiyane is opening up about a painful and dark moment from her past. The Scandal actress felt like it was appropriate for her to speak up on what she had endured as a young woman who grew up experiencing domestic violence and later fell a victim of it herself.

The actress posted a pic of herself screaming and said that when she took the pic she felt like she was in a dark tunnel. ” I was going through one of the darkest phases of my life. Lol hehh!! Ngangi Gowa Ntombo. My soul was tired of heartaches, shoulder pains and sleepless nights… I was mourning the loss of my light and screaming out for peace in my life.

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“I came into the awareness last year – that I needed to break Generational abuse patterns in my life. I wanted to do this so I can be able to recognise real love, build strong boundaries and develop new and healthier patterns for myself and my family.”

Nozuko then spoke about her mom who had several partners being the actress stepfathers. She said they all ill-treated and physically abused her mom, while she provided food and shelter for these men. “Having experienced abuse from a young age; watching my stepdad(s) beat up my mom while she provided shelter for them, clothed and fed them whilst helping them to take care of their own families.”

The fact that her mom was abused didn’t stop her from finding love though she also felt a victim of domestic abuse. The star went on to detail her horrible experience and she had a video also showing the injuries she sustained from the physical abuse she went through.

“When I started dating, I fell straight into the same patterns. I remember the first slap from my first love, I never questioned it nor told anyone about it. My second love was even worse, he was emotionally, psychologically and sometimes physically abusive.

“The video on the last frame was taken beginning of June 2019. I knew that I’ve had enough and that it would be ideal for me to share my story one day. I stayed in a toxic (on and off) relationship for 3years – I was drained emotionally, psychologically, I suffered intense emotional and physical abuse and couldn’t recognise my own life anymore.

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“Subsequently, I realized that I had to break these patterns and take ownership of my life – although it’s been a challenging rollercoaster; I’ve decided to prioritize my safety and happiness. it’s been over a year and a half of wholistic healing and have become more aware than I have ever been. Ulwile uNtombo!!

“As we approach the end of 16 days of activism against women and child abuse, I would like to encourage/challenge individuals to keep that same “ntombo” energy throughout.
However, the threats of violence and statistics won’t end after we stand in solidarity, lest we make an active intentional contribution towards a progressive change,” Nozuko wrote.

Hopefully, her prince charming will be found soon! Hearing Nozuko share her truth like this just makes us appreciate and respect her even more — and we’d love nothing more to see her get her happy ending.

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