Imbewu Actress Phindile Gwala Gushes Over Her Husband

Phindile Gwala And Her Hubby/Photo File: Instagram

This is just so sweet! On Monday, Phindile Gwala took to Instagram to share a touching photo of her and her husband, Armando Ngandu.

If you know their love story, you know that it was a funny one as the actress revealed that she was really in a bad space when they met but love caught up with her on the first date.

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Their love story had been faced with a lot of ordeals but they’ve overcome all of them. At the early stage of their marriage, Phindile said she was criticised when she started posting pictures of her husband on social media as he is Congolese.

The former Imbewu actress said that she stuck with her husband no matter what other people said.

 “I was criticized when I started posting my man a few years back. Isn’t now a trend to post your partner? Don’t be afraid of showing off your blessings, people post their cars and lose them, post their new houses and get repossessed, posting about their new jobs and get retrenched. So nothing is guaranteed, nothing lives forever. Just do what feels right at that moment,” she said.

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Now, without a doubt, Phindile and hubby dearest are one of the power couples in mzansi. The actress took to her social media again this Sunday to gush over him as she wrote in their pics: “siyathandana njena.”


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Siyathandana njena❤

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The Ngandus ❤

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