Halala!! Qwabe Twins Set To Drop Debut Album This Friday

“Q Twins album is out this Friday #TheGiftOfLove,”

Halala!! Qwabe Twins Set To Drop Debut Album This Friday
Qwabe Twins / Photofile: Briefly

When we talk about celebrities that keep nailing this life thing, how can we leave the name Qwabe Twins behind? Its quite obvious that the dynamic duo is reaching for the stars and no one can stop them. The musicians will be dropping their album soon and something tells us the album is going to be flames!! Halala!!

Taking to social media DJ Tira shared a cover of the album, titled “The Gift of Love”.

“Q Twins album is out this Friday #TheGiftOfLove,” the DJ captioned the post.

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The musicians are clearly marking their territory in the industry, and we absolutely love it. We first met the dynamic duo on Idols SA as they were contestants of the show in 2019, but they had a dramatic exit.

But you guys know the saying that states, when one door closes another one, opens” well another door did open for them which led the twins to work with DJ Tira after Idols. Viggy and Virgina had their first hit single, Hamba with the DJ.

Early this year, Tira slammed rumours of signing them but simply clarified that he just wants to help the girls.

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“I don’t have an interest in signing them. But I want to help them on their journey in the music industry. I would like to contribute to their journey in the industry, whether we do a song or two together.”

The help he offered them has benefited them so far as they bought themselves a brand-new BMW car in May.

It melts our hearts to see young artists making a name for themselves in the industry. Halala Qwabe Twins Halala!!

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