EFF Reaches Agreement With Unilever In Relation To Racist Advert

EFF Reaches Agreement With Unilever In Relation To Racist Advert -SurgeZirc SA
The EFF Delegates meeting with Unilever Delegates over racist image used by Clicks/ Photo File: Twitter

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and Multinational goods company Unilever have reached an agreement, following the offensive and racist image that was issued by Clicks.

Unilever put out an advert which was produced by one of its subsidies products called Tresmme’ SA, which caused havoc on social media.

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The EFF said they couldn’t find each other on the grounds of publishing the names of the people who were behind commissioning the racist advert. Although, the director involved in the campaign has left the company and the country already.

However, Company has made commitment that following its internal investigations, they assured that disciplinary actions will be taken against those who remained with the company according to its policies.

The Company has promised to take South Africa and EFF into confidence. The EFF urged them to take robust actions that include:

– Unilever expresses its remorse to all South Africans, particularly black women, for the racist Tresmme’ SA image.

– Unilever will withdraw all the Tresmme’ SA products in all South African stores for the period of 10 days, to demonstrate the remorse of racist image.

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– Unilever will donate minimum of 10 000 Sanitary towels (pads) and Sanitizers to informal settlement identified by EFF.

The EFF and Company have put the matter in question to rest. As they have agreed to hold further discussions on transformation within Unilever relating to procurement, empowerment, employment equity and localisation.

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