Lady Zamar Claps Back At Sjava’s Video Where He Denied Raping Her

“Amnesia is an interesting disease."

Lady Zamar Accuses Sjava of amnesia on his statement about the rape allegations - SurgeZirc SA
Lady Zamar/Photo File: Instagram

The Sjava VS Lady Zamar war took a very unexpected turn this week. Over the past few months, Sjava has been quiet about the rape allegations against him, but just recently he decided to tell his side of the story, which he stills denies raping his ex. Lady Zamar has clapped back at the statement accusing Sjava of having amnesia.

Now if you don’t know what amnesia is let’s school you, in medical terms, amnesia is the inability to remember events for a period of time, often due to brain injury, illness or the effects of drugs or alcohol.

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Lady Zamar has been in the hot seat ever since she accused Sjava of rape, with many questioning her story and siding with her ex. A few hours after the release of Sjava’s statement, low-key Lady Zamar posted tweets which gave fans an idea that she was commenting on Sjava’s video. She stated, ‘Amnesia is an interesting disease’, and ‘Games people play’.

Well after accusing Sjava of amnesia a clearly emotional Lady Zamar also took to Instagram live to give a detailed experience of what happened when Sjava raped her. The Charlotte hitmaker explained every single detail and opened up on how everything happened so fast and was so powerless to even stop it. The comments were pouring in, some positive and some were very heartbreaking.

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Some tweeps have even gone as far as saying Lady Zamar’s stories don’t make sense and it makes it difficult to conclude on who is lying.

This rape case will have to be settled in court because the Social Media court is still divided, and it seems like the women really aren’t on Zamar’s team.

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