Ramaphosa Calls On Cadres To Collaborate In Fighting Corruption

We learn more about actions of thieving, looting and corruption.

Ramaphosa Calls On Cadres To Collaborate In Fighting Corruption-SurgeZirc SA
President Cyril Ramaphosa/Photo File:Screengrabs

President Cyril Ramaphosa has made a call on his fellow comrades to collaborate to rid the country of corruption in honour stalwart John Nkadimeng.

He has slammed those used their political power and connections to feed themselves.

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“We learn more about actions of thieving, looting and corruption,” said Ramaphosa.

He added that the trust and the confidence of the people is being broken. In addition, leading many to say that the days of ethical and selfless leadership are over.

However, President Ramaphosa described Nkadimeng as an unselfish leader who went into the liberation struggle with no hope of gaining recognition.

The president said Stalwart remained that way even after being awarded the gold Order of Luthuli. And also receiving the recognition of Seaparankwe [the highest award by the ANC].

Ramphosa said at a time when the country was losing more leaders from Nkadimeng’s generation who fought to bring freedom, there was a real risk of destroying the gains they had secured.

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“Their sacrifices must not be for nothing. We must firmly tackle and take back the reins from those out to destroy our country, now more than ever before.

“We have to hold fast to the lessons they taught us about serving our people, about respecting them, about heeding their concerns and about acting in their best interest,” said Ramaphosa.


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