Mashaba: “South Africa Need More Patriotic Leaders”

Mashaba: “South Africa Need More Patriotic Leaders”-SurgeZirc SA
The People’s Dialogue Founder Herman Mashaba/Photo File:Screengrabs

The People’s Dialogue founder, Herman Mashaba is urging South African leaders to be more patriotic. To put their country first before anything else.

He said SA needs more patriotic leaders that love their country first, above anything else.

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“This thing of party first, country last must come to an end,” said Mashaba.

However, Mashaba said when he was still a Mayor of City of Johannesburg, as a DA member they had the EFF and other parties working together. He said this was only because they agreed on service delivery to South Africans.

Former Mayor said it was South Africans and service delivery first, not political ideologies.

“When I was Mayor of the City of Johannesburg, we had the EFF and the VF+ working together, agreeing on service delivery to South Africans, because it was South Africans & service delivery first, ideology last,” said Mashaba.

That is the progress needed for the entire country, according to him.

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Mashaba always maintains his stance, to put South Africans first. He encourage eviction for illegal occupation of government buildings by foreign nationals.

On 29th August, he will be launching his political party. One of his party policies is that people must elect leadership rather than party on it’s own.



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