SA’s Expresses Their Tiredness With ANC Government

To express how they are tired with the ANC government.

SA’s Expresses Their Tiredness With ANC Government-SurgeZirc SA
President Cyril Ramaphosa And National Chairperson Gwede Mantashe/Photo File:Screengrabs

The South Africans (SA’s) who are fed-up by the ruling party African National Congress (ANC), On Friday they woke up with a #VoetsekANC.

To express how they are tired with the ANC government.

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This trend is following a  screenshot that has been circulating on social media, about some member of ANC who have planned to play around Social Media with ANC flag to try to calm havoc against their party.

However, this did not succeed because of the hashtag that divided twitter on Friday. SA’s are tired with the corruption depicted during this Covid-19 Pandemic.

SA’s Twitter users expressed how they feel about the ruling party, since they came into power in 1994.

Some of SA’s tweeps says: “We’ve allowed this nonsense for too long. We are not our elders, you can’t dictate Us.”

“We should be in the streets making this country ungovernable but we are busy with useless hashtags. No wonder this government is not taking us seriously.

Some SA’s twitter users says: “If ANC does tou you what the apartheid government did to you,then you must do what the ANC did to apartheid Government”

– Nelson Mandela (1993 at Cosatu congress )

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Let’s unfollow and block everyone who promoted the #ANCFriday hashtag. What is that they’re celebrating, are they celebrating corruption, are they celebrating poverty, mybe they’re celebrating that 70 billion.

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