Naaq Musiq Calls Prince Kaybee Weak As Their Twar Continues

Well in the latest episode of Naaq musiq versus Prince Kaybee , Naaq called Prince weak after he tried explaining why responded to the actor.

Prince Kaybee and Naaq muisc twars continues
Prince Kaybee And Naaq Musiq/ Photofile : SurgeZirc

Musician Prince Kaybee and Naaq Musiq have been in a tug of war alot recently and we’re really not surprised with Prince Kaybee being in a twar, yey twars and drama follow this guy everywhere he goes and we wonder why.

In the latest episode of Naaq Musiq versus Prince Kaybee, Naaq called Prince weak after he tried explaining why he responded to the actor.

Now we all know that Prince has been on several twars with DJ Maphorisa and Black Coffee and he replied to Naaq’s tweet of himself and a BMW.

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“I studied the comments in this post, I then understood if it was me that posted the same picture with my Merc I was gonna seem arrogant, there (they) were gonna be the nastiest comments to a point people say I rent my cars so I realized I’m playing on unfair ground. Enjoy your Bmw abuti”, he said in his response.

After Naaq clapped back quick at Price he felt the need again to explain himself.

“Oh, this is why. I was just responding to many of the tweeps in your status because of the many tags I got like you have done several times on my posts. I did not think its a problem. I apologize. But…..I have an ask please allow me”, said Kaybee.

After Naaq saw the explanation he called Prince weird, and Kaybee continued to explain himself but things took a wrong turn as the pair were taking jabs on each other’s looks and career moves.

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The fetch your life hitmaker was quick to remind Naaq that he has more awards than him and his acting career and Naaq clapped back by saying Kaybee was insecure.

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