Agrizzi Stands By His Evidence Submitted To Commission

Agrizzi dismissed Mokonyane's testimony on Tuesday in an interview with Talk ‘Radio 702’.

Agrizzi Stands By His Evidence Submitted To Commission-SurgeZirc SA
Former Bosasa COO Angelo Agrizzi/Photo File:Screengrabs

Former Bosasa COO Angelo Agrizzi said he stands by his evidence submitted to the Zondo commission despite his testimony being labelled as factually incorrect by Nomvula Mokonyane.

Mokonyane appeared at the inquiry on Monday and accused Agrizzi of attempting to destroy her character.

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Mokonyane has called him a liar and women hater for targeting her.

Agrizzi appeared at the inquiry in January last year. He revealed widespread allegations of corruption and an intricate bribery scheme instigated by former Bosasa CEO Gavin Watson.

He said Watson paid bribes to various government officials to secure tenders for Bosasa and to also help shield the company from criminal prosecution.

Agrizzi said Mokonyane was paid monthly cash bribes of R50 000 by Watson and that the company had provided her with groceries of alcohol and meat towards her family’s Christmas celebrations.

He also alleged that Bosasa had help fund the funeral of Mokonyane’s son and had leased a vehicle for her daughter.

Mokonyane received this type of treatment because of the influential position she held in the ANC and the government, according to Agrizzi.

But Monkonyane denied all these accusations and became emotional as she dismissed the allegations that Bosasa had helped fund her son’s funeral.

She said Agrizzi had never been to her home as he claimed to have done so.

Agrizzi dismissed Mokonyane’s testimony on Tuesday in an interview with Talk ‘Radio 702’.

He said he stands by his testimony and insisted that he had met and interacted with Mokonyane on numerous occasions.

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“I stand by them 100%. It is factual. Sure there might be one or two mistakes in terms of dates, but you must remember that it was 18 months since I had given my testimony.

”She has met me on numerous occasions in her house. There’s no debate about that. What I have told the world is the truth,” Agrizzi said.


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