Pearl Thusi Plans On Holding A Peaceful Protest For #BLM

"I've never organized a PEACEFUL PROTEST/MARCH - if I know anyone who does - please."

Actress Pearl Thusi wants to hold a peaceful protest on black lives matter against police brutality against back people
Pearl Thusi/Photo File: Twitter

The recent killing of an African American man Geroge Floyd has touched a lot of people, actually the entire world, and there’s only one word being uttered in everyone’s lips” enough is enough”. South African celebrities have joined the rest of the world under the hashtag, Black Lives Matter to stand against police brutality on black people, and actress Pearl Thusi is one of those celebrities.

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Actress and media personality Pearl Thusi is very vocal about the matter. As much as the matter is topical in America,  Pearl wants us to look a little closer to home and similar events have been taking place.

Some tweeps reminded Pearl of the attacks that happened on foreign nationals in South Africa by citizens of the country. The Queen Sono actress defended her opinion by admitting that yes we were divided on the matter.

“Are you saying the police should use brutal force on its own ppl because they harmed foreign nationals? Xenophobia is disgusting, so is police brutality. They both must be dealt with,” tweeted Pearl.

Instead of just posting on social media, the actress is looking into organizing a peaceful protest on the black lives matter movement.

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“I’ve never organized a PEACEFUL PROTEST/MARCH – if I know anyone who does – please contact me and let’s make it happen.”

Truly now is not the time to say what happens in America has nothing to do with us in South Africa or anywhere in the world. Now is the time to stand together and protect if we can, post if we can, do everything in our power to make sure police brutality on black people come to an end for the next generation to come. Our children must not go through what we went through.

The little that you can do counts when United we are bound to so greater things.

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