Zodwa Wabantu Says She Loves Men As She Flaunts Her New Bae

"They ask why I'm friendly to men , I like men period, is there a problem in liking men or ngisfebe? Who doesn't like men?"

Zodwa Wabantu says she loves men and sees nothing wrong with it
Zodwa Wabatu/Photo File: Instagram

Whenever the name Zodwa Wabantu is mentioned, everyone gets ready to have their jaws dropped on the floor because she always has the streets talking. Taking to the streets of Instagram the sensational dancer said she loves men and she sees no problem with it, yes Wena girl!!

“They ask why I’m friendly to men, I like men period, is there a problem in liking men or ngisfebe? Who doesn’t like men?” She said.

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Sis should speak for herself because not all of us are like her, but anyways in other news, it looks like Zodwa has moved on and forgotten all about her Ben 10 Vusi.

Many are saying the new guy she’s with is just a rebound to make Vusi Jealous, but the puzzling fact is that the guy is a bit older which is so strange for Zodwa because she dates young meat only, but to Zodwa dating an older guy is not a problem. She just loves men hle!

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Just recently sis was telling everyone she wants her Ben 10 back Jiki Jiki she’s moved on? Well, we’ll just have to wait and see if her new man will stick around.

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