DNA Tests Reveal That Sjava Has Been Raising Another Man’s Child

" it is practically proven that Mr Jabulani Makhubo is NOT the biological father."

Musician Sjava allegedly does not want to pay maintenance for his son
Sjava/Photo File: Screengrabs

Drama has been following Sjava ever since the Lady Zamar rape allegations. And just recently we dished out news that a woman by the name of Mandisa Mtuba claimed that she has a son with Sjava , and that he was refusing to pay maintenance for her son. H for hectic!!

After all that drama it turns out the child is not his, after doing paternity tests, Awkward!!

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The musician says the reason why he was refusing to pay maintenance is because he wanted to do a DNA tests first to determine whether the child is his or not.

The baby mama went all out and even got lawyers to represent her in an effort to force Sjava to pay maintenance.

After the tests came back saying the musician is not the father, Mandisa wanted to do the tests for the second time .

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“The exclusion is based on the fact that he does not show the genetic markers, which have to be present for the biological father of the child at multiple DNA systems. Therefore, it is practically proven that Mr Jabulani Makhubo is NOT the biological father.”

Her lawyers then sent Sjava a letter in December last year after the first paternity test was done and wanted the paternity test done again.

“It is our instructions that our client would like to have paternity tests done at Lancet laboratories in Milpark Netcare Hospital on 12 December 2019 for the paternity test of [child], alleged to have been born by our client and yourself. This is due to the discrepancies of your chosen pathologist. In reference to the above, kindly furnish us with a written undertaking of your availability to the said date by close of business, Friday, December 6 2019,” reads part of the letter.
So the conclusion is , Sjava is not going to pay papgeld anytime soon…
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