Moonchild Sanelly: Growing Up Having A Big Bum Was A Problem

" When I was growing up , having a big bum was a problem! Now all the 'faults' they told me and mocked me about are my most valued body parts of me."

Moonchild Sanelly shares how she had a problem with her big butt growing up and empowers women to embrace their bodies
Moonchild Sanelly/ Photofile :

Musician Moonchild Sanelly has made the decision to motivate and inspire women to accept and love their bodies just the way they are. The star opened up about how growing up having a big bum was a problem for her.

The star is an unapologetic advocate for self love and she uses every chance she gets to empower women through her music and  social media to voice out her opinions.

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Just recently the star addressed women because she wants them to start embracing their bodies and opened up that when growing up she had a big problem with her body because of other people’s comments about certain body parts.

“When I was growing up, having a big bum was a problem! Now all the ‘faults’ they told me and mocked me about are my most valued body parts of me.”

The musician then asked her fans to share body parts they didn’t like, or got mocked over and How they dealt with it

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Tweeps flooded her TL with stories using the opportunity to reflect on how much they’ve grown to love themselves as they are.

One tweep said she had the same issue as moonchild. But sis told her to find power in learning to shut up haters and embrace and appreciate her body.

She continued to say that when she was younger, even old women gave her shade about her body.

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“I’m sorry to hear that. I hope you find power and learn to love and embrace all of you. Church ladies at Sunday School once commented about how I looked like I love boys. Imagine at Sunday School,” she said.

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