Delft Mother Demands Justice After Hit And Run Suspect Released

“I was pulling my bakkie out and heard the bang and saw the child was just knocked. But then this guy just drove on so I drove after him,” he says.

Ismael du Plessis was killed in a hit and run incident/picture from The Daily Voice

A Delft mother is demanding justice for her 10-year-old son after the hit and run suspect who reportedly killed him was released due to “lack of evidence”.

Angry witnesses and community members gathered at the home of Ismael du Plessis yesterday, where they blamed Delft police for their poor investigation into the deserving homicide case.

The 10year old passed away on Friday afternoon after he was hit by a VW Microbus car while standing on the pavement in Ambassador Street.

Residents told the Daily Voice that the 25-year-old man escaped from the scene, but was chased by an eyewitness who warned police and he was apprehended.

Ouma Veronica Adams, 60, says on Monday after the culprit appeared in Bellville Magistrate’s Court, the detective paid her a visit and told her the case was dropped.

“I got a skrik (fright) because he came here and said there was no evidence,” she says.

“How can there be no evidence when the people chased him and the police caught him? They came here the day after the man was set free to interview the witnesses.”

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“My family went through hell burying Ismael and even the driver’s mother came to me to say sorry for what her son did.”

“She told me he stole the van and went to go out with his friends before the accident.”

The first witness, an 18-year-old family friend, says Ismael was on his bike talking to a friend when the vehicle hit him and he was flung through the air.

The second witness, Christian Petersen, 43, says despite chasing after the driver and warning cops, police officers never took any statement from him.

“I was pulling my bakkie out and heard the bang and saw the child was just knocked. But then this guy just drove on so I drove after him,” he says.

Petersen says he chased after the suspect to Roosendal where he noticed a police officer and asked for help.

“The police pulled him over and I still had the cop’s phone. The driver looked drunk and just drove off and the cop drove after him so I followed them.”

He says the police cornered the suspect in The Hague.

“They brought the driver in the police van back to the scene, but the people wanted to tip the van and hit him.”

“The police never took my statement, only today when the driver was let out on Monday. .”

Police spokesperson Sergeant Noloyiso Rwexana did not go into detail why statements weren’t taken before the culprit appeared in court.

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“The case is still under investigation and the investigating officer has an appointment with witnesses today.”

Meanwhile, the 31-year-old single mother says she is broken that charges are dropped.

“My child is dead and he [the driver] is outside? He [Ismael] was all I had. It feels like my heart has been ripped out.”

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