Itu Khune Using English To Dribble Gabuza Leaves Fans In Stitches

Itu Khune Using English To Dribble Gabuza Leaves Fans In Stiches-SurgeZirc SA
Itumeleng Khune and Thamsanqa Gabuza/Photo File: Screengrabs

Itu Khune and Thamsanqa Gabuza had fans begging for their Insta Live to be aired on comedy central so the whole world can see it as it left a lot of us with sore jaws after having a good laugh.

This comes after the two soccer players went on Insta Live and had a very interesting conversation… what did I just say conversation? Well, Khune decided to show the whole world that he has been chilling with them SKRRR.

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In the clip that is currently circulating on social media, Gabuza can be heard asking of Khune’s daughter and he says in Zulu “Am I making noise, will I wake her?”

The Kaizer Chiefs Goalkeeper than replies: “Nah.. Nah don’t worry about the beep (baby)” I swear he said beep instead of baby. Then wait for the hilarious part, he then asked Thamsanqa” What’s pupping (popping)?”

Thami then inquired two times what the goalkeeper was saying, Hayike the new daddy repeated himself in that skrrr accent again “I am saying what’s phapping (popping)?”

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Gabuza after listening attentively he responded as he heard it “Puppy, Pupping my brother, the pub is pubbing you know like always…” immediately after the Supersport star responded South Africans were found laughing out loud and they all took the joke to their social media timelines.

You can have a look at the video below:

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