Trump Defends His Twitter Comments Against US States’ Lockdowns

Trump Defends His Twitter Comments Against US States' Lockdowns-SurgeZIrc SA
Donald Trump/Photo File: Screengrabs

The unapologetic, ‘controversial’ president of the US, Donald Trump has defended his tweets amid the coronavirus debacle.

In his address on Friday,  Trump said restrictions in place were creeping US economy and are biased towards China. Trump echoed the message by the US citizen saying that the shutdown in the country must be stopped immediately.

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His series of tweets had a strong emphasis on US states liberation which is a sentiment shared by many Democrat’s led cities in the US.

“Liberate Minnesota, liberate Michigan and then Virginia, ” Trump wrote on Twitter.

BBC’s Anthony Zurcher said these were tricks used by Trump to score political points and gain support base in the three Democrats led US cities.

“Mr Trump may be seeking to encourage his political base to protest against Democrats, ” he said.

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Last week,  it was reported that some beaches in the US have are now opened for various but limited activities including swimming, jogging and fishing.

China and the US are at logger-heads economically with the US being the biggest economy in the world. There has been a protest going on in the state seeking to intensify calling off of the shutdown.

Article written By Thalente Ncube

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