Abducted Queens High School Student Has Been Found

The family is thankful that the boy was released unharmed.

Queens high school learner found outside Maponya mall in Soweto. picture from EWN

A Queens high school student who was supposedly abducted has been found safe at Maponya mall in Soweto. The learner was abducted outside the school premises on Monday afternoon while he was waiting for his lift.

The kidnappers who had held him hostage are claimed to have demanded an R5 million ransom in order to release him.

The boy was found at Maponya Mall, Gauteng education department spokesperson Steve Mabona said.

“It is alleged that a ransom of about R5m had been demanded for his release,” he said.

His family found him still wearing his school uniform, he hugged his family members when he was brought to them from the offices inside the mall.

The kidnappers had asked for R500 000, contrary to official reports that an R5 million ransom was demanded, a family member said.

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The boy’s uncle said that they were in contact with the kidnappers, they had made a call on Monday

“They called his father and said: ‘We took your son and we want an R500,000 ransom for him’. He asked to talk to his son and then they ended the call.”

The family is thankful that the boy was released unharmed.

This is the latest in a number of incidents including Gauteng schools, which have been troubled by violence and wrongdoing.

In a separate incident, a 15-year-old grade eight student from Lantern School for pupils with special needs has been reported missing.

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