Skeem Saam’s Patrick Seleka Fights His Family After Ill-Treating His Wife

Seeing that wasn't enough or he felt that he hasn't done much justice he wrote another message where he describes the pains of being someone's wife who can't defend you from his family.

Skeem Saam's Patrick Seleka Fights Family After Ill-Treating His Wife-SurgeZirc SA
Patrick Seleka And Wife/Photo File: Instagram

It’s not everyone who is fortunate to marry into a good family but it also depends on how your spouse handles the situation as he/she might make the situation easier or even more than unbearable. With Skeem Saam actor, Patrick Seleka he has made it clear that no one dare nears his wife with any harsh words.

As you know festive season is a time where we all come together with our families to celebrate and no matter how lovely the family is there’ll always be the black sheep of the family and Patrick learnt to regret spending time with the black sheep.

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The actor and his wife were invited over by their family to spend time with them. As they were still enjoying themselves it was unfortunate that the wife became a victim of verbal abuse (she was attacked by her inlaws).

Patrick was so furious that he took to his social to address the issue of toxic inlaws. The star had two very long messages to everyone who’s married or wishes in the near future. “So I got an invite from one of “my so-called cousin” from my paternal side to come spend the night with them at some lodge in Brooklyn, with everything paid for. Apparently “this so-called cousin” bosses everyone around & thinks shes the millionaire of the fam only because she inherited some few cents from her mothers passing. Well after she had some few drinks.

“She started calling my cousins wifes & my wife with all sorts of names, taking advantage that they dont hear nor understand the language she was using kanti they understood her. My cousins wifes stood up & went to the bedroom and my wife asked as the 1st makoti gore what wrong did they do to be sweared at & called all sorts of names together with my cousins wife So that they can apologise?

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“But the so called cousin started shouting at her, poking her on the forehead, telling her how much of an orphans they are, ena le mosadi wa cousin, how they eat & breathe her, nako eo ora when she has booked us into some cheap dirty lodge in brooklyn & made us eat baked bean with mayonnaise with some cold chicken. I was told they are not the first to receive such treatment from her. My other cousins wives already received it & Many of them did including two of my uncles wives

“I SAY NOT WITH MY WIFE. MO, KE RED ROBOT!! I’m not a vocal person but inlaw abuse must fall. This is too much. Ive read some posts, heard & seen where women experience such from their inlaws & they keep quiet, they die in silent.
Gents lets stand up for our wifes & say NO TO INLAW ABUSE. You married her for yourself not for your family so its your job to protect her.

“Gents, stand up for your wives and protect them from people close to you. Let your family and friends know that when it comes to your wife and marriage, there is a line they cannot cross. If you have to take sides, always take your wives, from the day you said you do, your wife displaces your family including siblings but apart from GOD.

“Your wife now occupies and assumes the privilaged first place of honor in your life. Often times it requires you lovingly standup for your wife infront of your family, both sides. Therefore what GOD has joined together, let no man separate it,” Patrick wrote on his first message which was accompanied by pic written: “Toxic family members must fall.”

Seeing that wasn’t enough or he felt that he hasn’t done much justice he wrote another message where he describes the pains of being someone’s wife who can’t defend you from his family. He further urged men to always protect their partners from inlaw abuse.

“I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again & “you can disagree it’s fine” but as a man when you pick a wife, she automatically comes 1st. She becomes the most important person in your whole world. She goes right above your own family.

“I’m talking principle. Don’t get me wrong, your family is precious whatsoever but so as hers but she left them & abandoned their surname & clan to be your wife. She dropped her own father’s surname for yours. She placed you in her father’s place, in principle, you are the most important person in her life.

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“If you are mature enough to understand that, then you will know that you have to place her in the same pedestal & once you understand the depth & gravity of this concepts, only then you are ready for marriage. This is where a lot of women get hurt & broken. Some they even get killed, some they endup commiting suicides because of the hatred & disgusting treatment they get from the inlaws & as for their unsupportive husbands & boyfriends, they make everything worse for them.

“Men, boys, gents, brothers, let’s stand up for women, let’s protect them & love them. Women are dying in silent in the name of love. Women are blamed for everything, I’m talking, death, infertility, finances, everything kore everything, our families blames them. Men lets do things different assemblief, lets love, stand up and protect our wives.

“Gents lets stop marrying girls & removing them from their families only to come make them victims in our families. Let’s stop living under our families shadow in marriage. Lets stop being led by our families. We married them for ourselves not for our families. Be a man & stand up for your wife, fight for her, protect her & lead her to a place of love & peace. #INLAW ABUSE MUST FALL.”

Hmmm, can they make the speaker of the next men’s conference?

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