Zenande Mfenyana Gushes Over Her Alleged Husband “He Inspires Me”

Zenande Mfenyana Gushes Over Her Alleged Husband "He Inspires Me"-SurgeZirc SA
Zenande Mfenyana/Photo File: Instagram

2021 is surely hitting us with a lot of surprises just a few months ago Zenande Mfenyana had a mere boyfriend and now she calls him husband… Iyoooh!

It’s hardly two years since The Queen actress started dating her bae but the two already have a baby, moved in together and she’s now calling him husband. Problem number one with vat n sit is that you tend to quickly forget that and your partner aren’t married and start calling him husband even in front of people.

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However, what console the rest of singles who haven’t moved in with their partner is that when it’s time for us to fill in legal documents we all put a tick on the I am “single” block. We can’t also deny the fact we very much African and without lobola, there’s no marriage.

Moving right ahead, Zenande who gave birth a few months back took to social media to talk about her journey of losing weight and staying fit as a new mom. She also added that her boyfriend is so fit that he inspires her to work harder each morning so she can attain her desired fitness goal.

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My hubs is so fit, he inspires me each morning to work harder at my fitness goals…I’ve got such a long way to go, but at least I’m trying. I grew a human in me in 2020, in 2021 need to get back into shape,” the actress wrote.

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Olwethu Kungawo
Olwethu Kungawo
23 days ago

Theres nothing wrong with that

Boitumelo Mataboge
Boitumelo Mataboge
23 days ago

Please to all single ladies don’t do the mistake of calling boyfriend husband bacause he will relax and not do the right thing later sis Thembi will reveal everything

Ansie Asi
Ansie Asi
23 days ago

Zenande 1 of my favourites.