Twar Of The Decade Goes To Bonang Matheba And Phil Mphela

Twar Of The Decade Goes To Bonang Matheba And Phil Mphela-SurgeZirc SA
Bonang Matheba And Phil Mphela/Photo File: IOL

We’ve passed a decade but couldn’t just forget the last ten year without remembering that there’s someone who put Bonang Matheba in her place and reminded everyone that she’s actually an abusive and manipulative liar.

Hmmmm, who can possibly have the guts to tell Queen B in her face that she’s a liar? It’s none other than the entertainment commentator himself Phil Mphela. It all started in 2018 when the Sunday World tabloid published a story on Bonang and her tax fraud case. She then threatened for a lawsuit worth R10 million against the publication…. which turns out it was just mere threat.

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But that’s a story for another day. Phil, however, weighed in the matter and said it wasn’t wise for her to fight against journalists. But the alleged owner of BNG told him to fuck off.

Bonang responded with “Go f*** yourself! Honestly.” But little did she realise that she had stepped on the wrong toes it turned to be a huge twar. They started exchanging words, that’s when Phil called her a liar and abuser. He further went on to threaten to expose some secret files on her. He reminded her that they were in Sun City together and he saw her doing some sh*t which she wouldn’t be proud to tell the world. That’s how Bonang ran off and never answered, the commentator also didn’t reveal her dark secrets to fans even though they literally begged him to.

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The fight was on everyone lips for quite a few months as we almost forgot about it, the two’s beef reignited after she called him the “worst human”.  And that was a few days ago to be precise that was on Monday.

Phil posted a tweet about who he thought the breakout stars were for 2020. Mphela named Ama Qamata, TK Sebothoma, Busi Lurayi and Lunathi Mampofu as such. When stylist Dumi Gwebu responded: “Please do not disrespect Busi Lurayi like this.” Bonang felt like it was a perfect chance to drag Phil one more time at least this time she’ll have someone in her corner.

“He’s disrespectful. Always been,” Queen B wrote. Then moments later Gumbi called the commentator vile and the media personality couldn’t agree more she than said he was the worst human. : “He’s literally the worst human. Lol!” she wrote.

Yohhhhh, when Phil saw the statements he came with stones, that everyone tried so hard to duck but it wasn’t possible.  He called Bonang a snow queen who can’t keep a man or a friend to save her life.

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In conclusion, Phil shared screenshots in which they had a very civil conversation in 2012 Queen B went as far as thanking him for his support of her career.

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