This Open Letter To Mihlali Ndamase Will Leave You Speechless

This Open Letter To Mihlali Ndamase Will Leave You Speechless-Surge Zirc SA
Mihlali/Photo File: Instagram

If it’s true what they say ‘Mihlali trends without saying or doing anything’, then a recent incident further proved that statement. An open letter to Mihlali Ndamase left many people angry and ready to defend their fave.

The beauty influencer has been very secretive when it comes to her love life. Mihlali has made it very clear that her family and love life are off-limits, leaving fans wondering who she is dating and what he looks like.

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The make-up artist does drop hints here and there, in an attempt to brag about her man and many have concluded that he is rich.

Recently, an open letter from a fan to the beauty vlogger supposedly admiring her takes a bitter turn when the fan accuses her of having a blesser who maintains her expensive lifestyle.

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The media personality responded to the open letter with laughing emojis, but later deleted the tweet.

WOOW, Any comments surge readers?

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