Johnson Vows Britain’s Exit From The EU After Amazing Election Victory

Johnson Vows Britain's Exit From The EU After Amazing Election Victory - Surge Zirc SA
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson vowed to get Brexit done on January 31

Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Friday commend a political “earthquake” in Britain after a clear election victory which paves the way for the country to finally exit the EU next month after years of serious disagreement among authorities.

With all but one result declared for the 650-seat parliament, Boris Johnson’s Conservative party scooped 364 seats — its biggest majority since the heyday of Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s.

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Speaking on more than three years of political fuss over Brexit, Johnson vowed in his victory speech Friday to “put an end to all that nonsense” and “get Brexit done on time by January 31, no ifs, no buts”.

In the other hand, the major opposition Labour party suffered its worst electoral experience since before World War II, pressuring its leader Jeremy Corbyn to announce plans for his departure.

Sterling grew overnight to its highest height since mid-2018 on hopes that Mr. Johnson will stick to his promise to “Get Brexit Done” after years of argument and deep divisions over Britain’s Brexit plan.

Johnson Vows Britain's Exit From The EU After Amazing Election Victory - Surge Zirc SA
UK general election results

Early Friday it had pulled back a little to trade at $1.3403. Such a large majority of MPs will aid Boris Johnson in getting Britain exit the EU as soon as possible, looking at the January 31 deadline.

Working out the deal would officially end of almost five decades of EU-UK integration, even though Britain and the European Union still need to thrash out a new trade and security deal.

The EU Council leader Charles Michel had said the bloc was set for talks but would rather do its utmost to protect European priorities.

“My point is very clear: we are ready. We have decided what are our priorities,” Michel said as he arrived at an EU summit where leaders would discuss the aftermath of the UK vote.

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The outcome of Thursday’s election, which is the third in almost five years, shows a personal victory for Boris Johnson, who was a London mayor and foreign minister who helped lead the Brexit campaign to victory in the 2016 EU referendum.

United State President Donald Trump tweeted his congratulations on a “great WIN!” and said London and Washington would be able to strike a “massive new trade deal” after Brexit.

“This deal has the potential to be far bigger and more lucrative than any deal that could be made with the E.U. Celebrate Boris!” Trump said.

Johnson Vows Britain's Exit From The EU After Amazing Election Victory - Surge Zirc SA
Britain’s opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn plans to stand down

Although the Conservatives party had been ahead in opinion polls for weeks but the margin their victory, after a wet and windy pre-Christmas election, was not spotted from miles away.

The party took a string of traditionally Labour seats that had not voted Tory for decades, but many of which had backed “Leave” in 2016.

“We must understand now what an earthquake we have created,” Johnson later told party staff, according to the Press Association news agency.

Mr Johnson earlier said when he was re-elected as an MP that voters had given him “a powerful new mandate to get Brexit done”.

Mr. Johnson will now govern the UK for five years until he is obliged to call for another voting process.

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The Labour party had just bagged home its worst result since 1935, losing 59 seats to 203, after what Corbyn admitted had been a “very disappointing night”.

He assured that he would be stepping down after a period of “reflection”, and would not be leading the party into the next election, which is due by 2024.

Johnson Vows Britain's Exit From The EU After Amazing Election Victory - Surge Zirc SA
Scottish National Party leader Nicola Sturgeon celebrates after her party is forecast to boost its seats in parliament

Corbyn initially promised a second referendum on Brexit in a move to appeal to half of British voters who may still want to stay in the EU. But he focused his party campaign on a radical programme of economic change, including re-nationalising some key industries, which obviously wasn’t the voters interest.

Speaking in the early hours of Friday, after the election, Corbyn defended his “manifesto of hope” and maintained that his policies were “extremely popular” during the entire campaign.

“Brexit has so polarised and divided debate in this country, it has overridden so much of a normal political debate,” he said

Corbyn is personally not popular and dogged by accusations of sympathising with proscribed terrorist groups and failing to tackle anti-Semitism within the Labour party.

This is Labour’s fourth successive electoral defeat — and the second under Corbyn.

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The anti-Brexit Liberal Democrats also did poorly and announced they would replace Jo Swinson as leader after she lost her seat in western Scotland to the Scottish National Party (SNP).

“Ironically, this is a freer hand for Johnson to negotiate a softer version of Brexit,” said Simon Hix of the London School of Economics.

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