Cash In Transit Van Attacked in Pretoria (Video)

Cash In Transit Van Attacked in Pretoria (Video)-Surge Zirc SA
Image From Cash In Transit/Photo File: Video

In a video making its rounds on social media on 10 December 2019, four armed men can be seen making a hit on a cash-in-transit (CIT) van in Danville, Pretoria.

A man, who appears to be working for the CIT company can be seen walking towards the van with a valuable bag in his hand as he looks around a few times, before opening the back door of the van.

Once he establishes that the coast is clear, he opens the back door of the van and proceeds to place the bag inside.

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The second the employee turns his back, four armed men swoop in one-by-one behind him, as shown on CCTV cameras.

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