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Microsoft Receives US License To Continue Selling Software To Huawei

Microsoft Receives US License To Continue Selling Software To Huawei - Surge Zirc SA
Visitors walking across Microsoft Corp. booth at the 2009 International Consumer Electronics Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center

Microsoft will no longer be facing restriction from doing business with Huawei even though the US government still hold on to its blacklist on Huawei. But it looks like the Chinese technology company have just got an important reprieve as the US Commerce Department has granted Microsoft a license to “export mass-market software” to Huawei, according to a statement that was forwarded to Bloomberg by Microsoft.

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Microsoft refused to explain exactly what it meant by saying “mass-market”, but its obvious  Windows and Office theoretically are inclusive. This might end Huawei’s difficulties in offering PCs like the MateBook X Pro.

The US Commerce Department has displaced an interest to be flexible on its stance in a few cases, releasing temporary licenses to keep gear running. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross also said that some companies would get approvals for licenses, although he also matainted that many others would likely be shot down.

Google hasn’t got a license to do any business with Huawei, and that’s having an effect on Huawei’s businesses, as Huawei has to ship Android devices without Google apps not minding where they’ll be sold. That is a major disadvantage that can affect the market for shoppers who expect Chrome, Gmail and other mainstay Google apps on their handsets.

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American officials are mainly concerned about the potential for Huawei to aid China in spying on American cellular networks, and phones.

Although the US has not presented any evidence of active Chinese surveillance, but the mere suspicion of it has influence American policies a whole lot of late. Unless Google and Huawei are able to convince officials that the 5G phones aren’t threats, the two companies might not be allowed to work together in the nearest future.

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