JMPD Vehicle With A Huge Typo Spotted On SA’s Streets

JMPD Vehicle With A Huge Typo Spotted On SA’s Streets-Surge Zirc SA
JMPD vehicle / Photo file: Screengrab

There’s a picture of a JMPD vehicle with an embarrassing spelling error doing the rounds on Twitter. Instead of the word “police” written on the vehicle, its written  “poice”.

While some dismissed the picture as having been manipulated, Johannesburg metro police chief David Tembe confirmed that it was real.

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“An error was made when the patrol car went to a panel beater for repairs,” Tembe said in a response on Twitter.

“The car was sent back for the mistake to be rectified,” he added.

But with South Africans’ sense of humor, the mess took on a life of its own on the social media platform.

“Isn’t that Poice like in Zulu,” asked one person. No, the spelling for police in IsiZulu is actually “amaphoyisa”.

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Others suggested where the misplaced “L” might have ended up.

“Maybe the L is stuck on the back for a learner driver,” said one observer.

“When you open the door you will see the L,” wrote another.

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