Should Sjava Be Dropped On The “Afropunk” Because Of Woman Abuse?

Should Sjava Be Dropped On The "AFROPUNK" Concert?
Sjava Indlalifa / Photo file: Instagram

Hot on the heels of Africans Unite show organisers rejecting Burna Boy and the entire concert, tweeps have caught up with a crisp call to blacklist another muso’s up and coming gig…

This time, SA star Sjava is on the chopping block over allegations he mistreated and abused his ex Lady Zamar.

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Fans took to social media to appeal that Sjava’s up and coming gig at AFROPUNK in December be dropped because of the disputable cases made against him…

Well I also say Sjava should be removed on the line-up and the concert continues, this will reduce hate between the artists.

Drop your comment and let us hear your views.






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