Fans Are Dazzled By Bahomi Mhlongo In Lebo Mathosa’s Biopic

Fans Are Dazzeled By Bahomi Mhlongo In Lebo Mathosa's Biopic
Bahumi Mhlongo / Photo file: Instagram

After lighting up screens with her debut in Dream: The Lebo Mathosa Story last week,  Bahumi Mhlongo has kept on slaying her portrayal of the veteran vocalist.

Bahumi plays the young Lebo in the biopic and has dazzled viewers.

The actress has brought Lebo’s trademark simple mentality and road style to life in manners many didn’t think possible.

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The star was criticised when it was announced she had joined the cast, with many saying she got the gig since she is Somizi’s girl.

She hit back at the analysis, as did the Idols SA judge.

“Listen! Never ever question why you get certain opportunities in life. You deserve everything and you must take anything and everything they said you would never have. f**k the haters. It’s not your fault that you’re my daughter,” Somizi wrote on social media.

It appears the dramatization is currently no problem, with fans flooding social media TLs on Wednesday night to stan over Bahumi.

Some even required her to assume control over the job of the more established Lebo from KB Motsilanyane.

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Should Bahumi also play the older Lebo too?

Drop your comment and let us hear your views.

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