Qwabe Twins To Drop A Collab With DJ Tira Next Week

OMG!!! Qwabe Twins To Drop A Collab With DJ Tira Next Week
Tira With Qwabe Twins/Photo File: Instagram

Since Idols SA is done and cleaned, Viggy and Virginia Qwabe have stepped in to fill the void. They are releasing a collab with DJ Tira next week.

The track, which will without doubt be a Dezemba move floor filler, was announced on Tuesday and shared by the twins’ Instagram fan account. It is titled Hamba.


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The song focuses on a dispute between the twins’ management and DJ Tira.

Tira encouraged the twins after they left Idols SA a month ago, taking them to gigs and recording melodies with them.

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In any case, the twins’ director, Kim Coppen, revealed to journalists that the sisters expected to move toward Think Entertainment to arrange their release if they wanted Tira to represent them.

Gallo Records also confirmed to journalist that the twins are still under agreement with them and they had contacted Tira to talk about the up and coming collab.

“We have contacted DJ Tira outlining our position that the twins are already signed and that Gallo would be open to having a discussion with them on the way forward. We have not yet had a response. The twins have also not been in touch with Gallo to discuss this or for further clarity about the recording contracts they have already signed,” Gallo Records’ Rob Cowling said in a statement.

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Tira told journalists that he was just helping the twins and that recording with them did not mean he wanted to sign or manage them.

“I’m merely assisting them to kick-start their music careers. I wouldn’t want to see local talent going to waste. I took them to AKA’s events for a public appearance. They did that for free and their fans were happy to see them.

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