Sony AI Application Is Showing On Products Like Gaming, Cameras, Food

Sony AI Application Is Showing On Products Like Gaming, Cameras, Food - Surge Zirc SA
A Sony Corp. Aibo robotic dog is demonstrated during the Ceatec Japan 2019 consumer electronics show / Photo file: Engadget

Sony AI unit is currently working on developing AI technology that will help push their products out there, which has been the focus ever since it announced the come back of Aibo in 2016.

The company just established Sony AI with the intention to site its office in Japan, Europe and the US with a task to bringing “world class fundamental research and development with Sony’s unique technical assets.”

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We can now expects works like its currently updated puppy bot, and more products that will boost the company’s image and Sensing business, and improving its existing work in entertainment like games and movies.


The company’s new move to implement AI technology in its products will come to gaming, imaging & sensing, and gastronomy first. A concept video Sony released sometime last year pointed to an idea of “robot gastronomomy” that depend on autonomous technology to cook food at home.

Sony AI international chief Hiroaki Kitano had initially led a cooking robot partnership with Carnegie Mellon University, and we are all waiting to see exactly what it’s going to put up right there.

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Sony implementation of advanced AI can be clearly seen in products like the A6600 camera, where it contributes to an impressive improvement in autofocus, meanwhile, opportunities for mechanical learning and AI in gaming aren’t left behind, if you look at it in the aspect of  improving cloud gaming or creating enemy characters to become a little more smarter than the usual.

Source: Engadget

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