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Facebook Meme Creation App ‘Whale’ Available In Canadian App Store

Facebook Meme Creation App 'Whale' Available In Canadian App Store - Surge Zirc SA
Meme creation app / Photo file: Engadget

Facebook meme creation app is a clear indication of the social media company’s intentions to own the creation of some of these glorious memes, messaging and photo sharing of which the internet is built on.

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Recently, The Information, reported that The Mark Zuckerberg led empire’s internal NPE team quietly rolled out a meme-making app which they called Whale in the Canadian App Store. Users can upload their personal photos or select among the company’s stock library before including a potential viral text, emojis and filters.

The Facebook meme creation app has different grid layouts and, if a user is very good at creating stuffs and feels like doing much more on the app, then a freeform drawing tool is available.

Facebook’s New Product Experimentation squad was called together a few months back to work on the experimental Facebook apps. The NPE squad’s previous works includes Bump, a chat application that helps strangers connect over simple ice breaker questions, and Aux, a group listening app that lets you pick songs and compete for their group’s virtual auxiliary cable.

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The three apps the team developed are looking to engage younger people who are fund of using TikTok and Twitch. While the Instagram team adds TikTok-inspired features to its app, it makes much sense for Facebook to place a few smaller and original bets on mobile.

But we can’t tell if Facebook will release the WHale application worldwide. Facebook is expert to launching new experimental apps today and shut it down before you say ‘shutdown’.

Source: Engadget, SurgeZirc UK

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