British Lawmaker Peter Hain Testify At The Zondo Commission

British Lawmaker Peter Hain Testify At The Zondo Commission
British Lawmaker Peter Hain / Photo file: Screengrab

British lawmaker Peter Hain has implored the government to act on recommendations of the state capture commission of inquiry once they become available.

During his testimony at the commission on Monday, Hain said that while he had confidence in Cyril Ramaphosa’s presidency, the government needed to settle on choices a lot faster.

Hain had a lot of advice for the government ranging from potential legislative interventions to regulatory frameworks to deal with corruption.

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However, he seemed stressed that the work of the state capture commission could end up in an endless process.

“The people of South Africa deserve better than the obscene looting and devastation caused by state capture and I hope that the recommendations referenced in this report will also be recommended and considered by your commission and then implemented by the government.”

Chairperson of the commission Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo reassured Hain that once the recommendations were presented to the president, he only had 14 days to send the report to Parliament.

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“The president, whom the recommendations will be submitted to, then has to make up his mind on certain recommendations to say: ‘Well, if there’s court challenge about these ones, I would want to go ahead and implement these.”

Hain was additionally worried that the nation was not moving rapidly to recoup taken resources through the state catch project.

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