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Trump Visit To Apple Mac Pro Factory On November 20th Real Intent

Trump Visit To Apple Mac Pro Factory On November 20th Real Intent - Surge Zirc SA
Tim Cook Apple CEO and US President Donald Trump

Trump visit to Apple may exempt the tech company from many tariff as White House has confirmed that the US President Trump will be visiting Apple’s Mac Pro factory in Austin, Texas on November 20th this year.

We’re not sure whether Apple CEO Tim Cook and other Apple top managers will be present during Trump visit or not, a mail sent to Apple for detail of the visit by SurgeZirc UK team have not been reply as yet.

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The visit may mean more than a tour as Apple is looking to be seen as having the Trump administration’s backing, while on the other hand president Trump looks to be seen supporting American companies and jobs.

Apple may be acting as a matter of urgency considering that the next big round of US tariffs on China is set to take effect on December 15th this year, and the effect could possibly raise the price of selling phones, laptops, monitors and other Apple’s products.

A friendly tour like this may present a rare opportunity for Apple to persuade US president Trump to give exemptions or totally alter the tariffs to keep costs down. Apple chief, Tim Cook has never been shy about courting Trump even as he disagrees on major policies.

Tim Cook had warn Mr. Trump that high tariffs could prevent Apple from competing with Samsung and other major rivals in the industry that won’t be affected by the tariffs.

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It’s not completely certain whether Trump visit to Apple will impressed him enough to readjust his policy on tariffs when the request is made, because the Austin factory is not the sum total of Apple-related manufacturing jobs in the US. Some of Apple’s components are made in the country, but it’s still a highly automated facility manufacturing a pro workstation.

It’s possible for Apple to assemble the Mac Pro in the US in part because it’s a low-volume product that does not really require many workers. That is one of the effects of the recent tariff exemptions. It’s also apparent that the plant may add jobs, but not so much that it will be a major boost to the US economy.

Source: SurgeZirc UK

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